Perth at Home Theatre are pleased to announce their next virtual production will be The Virtual Family By Jeremy Johnson Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Denver, Colorado.

About the Show

The Virtual Family is a digital production of a collection of skits about a family and their relationship with technology. While the show can be done with one person as each character, we would like each scene to be performed by different people! It would be an awesome opportunity for friends and family to perform together while the theatres are closed!


Character ages are completely flexible. For example a scene with Mum and Dad could be played by two people of any age, including under 18s!

Mum – A very sassy and witty woman who loves her family
Aalix – Artificial Assistant and Life Instructor eXtrodinare. Pronounced A-a-lix (Like a-a-ron) Basically a google home that misinterprets what you say most of the time.
Dad – A comedic character who is struggling after his electric toothbrush breaks.
Daughter – A teen who struggles without technology.
Son – A teen who enjoys fitness but struggles with self confidence
Cat – Cat struggles to acknowledge her love for humans except for Daughter.
Kitten – “Kitten” is an older cat who’s set in her ways.
Bobert – A robot vacuum cleaner who cannot see.
Toothbrush – A toothbrush Salesman… who is actually a toothbrush.
FAB – Fitness Assistant Bot – a leggings wearing hologram
Grandma – A not very tech savvy Granny who loves guilt trips, pinterest and planning to garden and bake. (But never does.)

Important Info

Please read all details in the audition pack before auditioning for this production.

Cost: If you are successful in securing a role there will be a maximum $25 participation fee.

Audition Due Date: Saturday June 27 2020

Auditions are now closed