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About Stories from the South West

In October, a team of actors, directors and crew members travelled to the South West region for ‘Stories From the South West’. The team from Perth At Home Theatre took three locally-written one act plays and transplanted them into their original locations, filming onsite at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, the Margaret River Hotel and Busselton Jetty across a very busy but rewarding week.

At The Lighthouse

by Perth writer James Forte follows lighthouse keeper Henry (Thomas Dimmick) who receives an unexpected visitor in local school teacher Chloe (Michelle Ezzy) during a wild storm. Cut-off from communications and with the storm closing in, Henry and Chloe must fight for survival. This one act play was filmed on location at Cape Leeuwin and was directed by Chris McRae.

This Way Up 

by Perth writers Luke Miller and Chris McRae is a bar comedy filmed on location at the Margaret River Hotel. American comedians TJ (Sean Wcislo) and Eddie (Alan Gill) have failed on the US comedy scene and head to the South West to try their hand at local humour. What they can’t figure out is why all the towns seem to end in ‘up’. This short play was directed by Luke Miller.

Busselton Jetty 1969 

also written by James Forte and follows Dr Amanda Kingston (Ash Jackson) as she relives her memories of summer on Busselton Jetty in 1969 with the assistance of a technology known as Nostalgia Unlimited. Young love was present in the form of young army officer Steve (Seb Kindt) and Amanda looks back on where her life has been and where it is going. This short play was filmed on location on Busselton Jetty and was directed by Chris McRae.

Stories from the South West 

premieres at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse on Saturday 16 January before having a screening at Backlot Cinema in West Perth on Saturday 30 January. It will be released on Youtube later in 2021. Tickets will be available from

The Perth At Home Theatre crew for ‘Stories from the South West’ included Chris McRae, Michelle Ezzy, Guy Jackson, Rebecca McRae, Rachel Vonk, Luke Miller, Shelly Miller, Luq Qarishma Lut Ali, Alan Gill, Sean Wcislo, Thomas Dimmick, Ash Jackson, Seb Kindt, James Forte, Lily Miller and Liam Miller.